Tuesday, 7 June 2011

against the desteni cult

over the years I have come across a few cults and their techiques, one of the most unusual is the desteni cult, known as desteni productions on youtube, I came across their work 4 years ago and was very interested in all types of spiritual practice, desteni was not originally my foe, just a strange thing to watch sometimes.

I only became an ally of antidesteni as i studied the cult in early 2010, their theories were of some interest to me and my own spiritual path as a psychic at the time, but thankfully I grew out of that way of life.  Their talk of equality was interesting, however a great guy known as "desteni truth" exposed them greatly in his videos on the dark side of the desteni belief, over the next three months I met ten main players in Anti-Desteni, they were not organised, but all thought it best to oppose the cult of desteni.

Althought we are not one organisation, and we do not work together in most ways, through out 2010 over 20 people were engaged in the conflict as desteni flagged vids down and DMCA'd others, silencing their foes,
and this year the same war of anticult verses the desteni cult continues.

Through out 2010 and right up to the present day many more rational people have been speaking up against the desteni control systems, but their false flagging of our vids inspired us to co-operate as never before, and has made us a force which would not be easily defeated, indeed even if removed from youtube we are still legion, we are guardians of free speech for all perspectives, and we will not be stopped from sharing our views on desteni just because they are not the party line.

The "anti desteni movement" is a project organised between a number of AntiDesteni allies, its goal was to make aware a great number of people of the reality of desteni productions, mostly expose them as a cult and not a development group, naturally this was not hard to show as an actuality, and with 0rdoTempliAurora, XfinksX, Istenenergia, FreeSpeech4tw & others on the case with myself RobLesterFilms we have a large base to spread the facts on the desteni cult.