Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Equal money system fails freedom

Various groups and organisations seem to see an "equal money system" as the cure for all ills, sadly this is not so, infact a new level of problems can arise from such a system, most obvious is how can we ensure relative freedom?  and how would it be regulated if not by force?
it seems to me that an equal money system would require a ruling body that has to police all people to ensure equality, however, a fair money system could be an obvious answer, not equal money but an economic cap on people and business to provent a super wealthy elite from ruling over the people, this idea has the advanyage of offering reward for hard work or wise investment that would lead to a middle-class world (no poor or super rich).

A well known cult known as Zeitgeist tries to claim a resource driven system would solve the majority of our worries, however, this point of view as with other groups who follow this logic fails to deal with the idea of who owns your money, how would be regulated, who polices this system and how?
 As with any equal system well may expect the use of authortarian tactics to make people conform to said ideals of the cult, religion, or organisation, maybe a soviet system would manifest, I think to avoid this the fair money system holds more value and need less regulation (and control) of the people.

A final thought, what is your labour if not for progression, what is the point of work if you get the everything handed to you, is it not a greater thing to earn what you have and truly have it as yours, is it fair to surrender freedom for security when its a foundation of a police state, could it be said that a completely regulated nation is peace and security at the cost of progress???