Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Colleen Thomas, the conartist from space

as you maybe aware my work against Colleen Thomas, known as colesakick on youtube, is going well, she is a new age conwoman who plays on fears of alien invasions and UN take overs to fool the ignorant and conspiritorial minds of thousands of youtubers, if only until they see passed the sea of faeces that is generated by colleen's drug induced insanity.

Colleen started as an average new age guru on youtube, or so it seemed, a psychic/mystic who was not very realistic, nothing strange apart from the odd faith, I noticed her in october 2010, her claim to prodict the alien invasion that would end the world was odd to say the least, she made wild claims that got her tens of thousands of views in a few days.  As you can tell the aliens didn't land, we are still here, and yet Colleen continues to make wild claims and will false flag small channels if they question her work in a very open way, she effectively shut down "colleen talks crap" and tried the warn people that she is the mother goddess, so don't f#ck with her?

My self I did one vid in october, asking WTF!, after I made a number of videos questioning her non-sense and pointing out her most epic fails, one of which as the UN take over of parts of the south west USA,
naturally she just moved on and never answered the obvious question "why did nothing happened?",
so myself and a few others have taken it upon our selves to share points of views on colleen and expose her as the conartist she truly is.

she has been on a few radio shows, Russia Today News, and various podcasts, but regardless of attention whoring she has mostly failed to gain any great note as a speaker or guru for the new age,
if anything she has just made it so only a tiny number of fools swollow her B.S theories of dooms days and E.T's.

she has made so many claim I can't keep up, she just makes a clown of her self in the truther world,
her choice and indeed her greatest error was to open her mouth, my simple advice is for people to avoid the quack completely, well apart from researching her scam. 

please visit my channel on youtube for my videos on Colleen Thomas & her scam
http://www.youtube.com/user/roblesterfilms  & 

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