Saturday, 27 June 2015

Crystal Energy Liquid IS BULLSHIT! [watch this]

If you just watched that video then you'll know what is being claimed, a few things that are worth noting, this is not a true experiment in the scientific sense, it's a demonstration for a product, the demonstration is said to prove something, namely that the water allows you to get the nutrients 2.5 times faster.  And the product is a crystal based liquid you add to a glass of water that contains a nutrient, the idea is the water which as the crystal stuff into is more effective, even though this is anything but a controlled trail/experiment.  So after his quacky trail he has one that is murky, like it's held the nutrients in the water like a tea drink, rather than drifting apart, thanks to "crystal energy" liquid?!  no, the crystal energy water contain a bunch of vitamins, and beyond that contains sunflower oil.  so oil in water means the dispersal of  particulates is mildly stabilised as to opposed to in oil-less water, in which you find the filth you add will float to the top or sink to the bottom depending on what you add to the water.  so oil is magic?! 

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