Sunday, 28 June 2015

a comment about Psychic sally morgan [not my comment, but worth reading]

below is a comment left on a video about sally morgan, I wanted to share:
"I'm surprised that nobody has yet instigated litigation against Sally Morgan for fraud and/or embezzlement. If a duly accredited oncologist diagnoses one with pancreatic cancer after using the skills of his profession – possibly endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography plus a biopsy – and is subsequently proved to have erred in his diagnosis after (allegedly) corrective surgery, then one, quite rightly, has the oncologist charged with malpractice or in the worst of cases, manslaughter. Whatever the case, the oncologist is deregistered as a medical practitioner, and faces some sort of financial penalty and possibly a jail term. On the other hand, people such as Sally Morgan, practising what amounts to intentional deceit for financial gain, and which causes mental anguish, pain and suffering walks away from her farcical stage show with a full wallet and an empty conscience. Apparently there are no legal statutes that prohibit this sort of criminal behaviour, due largely to the fact that the laws of the land simply don't acknowledge the existence of paranormal effects or psychic forces.  And nor should anybody else. Morgan is on record as repeatedly telling various people that they or their friends or loved ones are suffering, or have suffered, from some sort of illness. Obviously, 99 per cent of the entire population has suffered from some sort of illness – from influenza to ingrown toenails to bone fractures – so Morgan has a vast list of these medical conditions to draw upon as she fishes for responses thrown out to audiences in the hundreds. And the names she also throws out – Tom, Richard, Graham, David etc – are always the sorts of names that guarantee a hit. She never suggests contemporary ethnic names such as Kazimierz, Ghuzayyah, or Akakiy;  I wonder why? 
Lastly, Morgan has a captive audience;  people who've paid money to attend her shows already have an acceptance of what they're about to see, otherwise they wouldn't be there.  They seem not to comprehend that what Morgan "tells" them, they already know!  She never tells them something that they didn't know about their relative or friend and which they could later research and verify.  
The other proof of Morgan's audience's gullibility is that most of them already believe in the Christian concept of "heaven" and/or some sort of spiritual-based "afterlife".  This of course makes them more than susceptible to the power of suggestion regarding "contacting" deceased loved ones, and which Morgan plays ruthlessly upon.  
Anybody defending Morgan and her borderline criminal activities needs to objectively evaluate her stage performances with a much more cynical eye, and with a far more skeptical set of proofs for her purported psychic "powers"."
 the clip is on many videos,  not least my videos, one is found under this video

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