Thursday, 4 August 2011

What is Desteni???

In the simplest terms, Desteni is an organisation that tries to act like it has answers, and its trying to make a better world, but the facts say its a new age cult that uses conspiracies to draw in recruits, and tides donations in the name of equal money, naturally all for the leader of the cult.

the work of 0rdoTempliAurora on youtube is some of the best on Desteni, although there are now many critics on Desteni, including XfinksX, Istenenergia, freespech4tw, antidestenimovement, antidestonian, desteniscam, felidatheg33k, roblester666films, and many others who tactle the issues in regard to Desteni in all its cultish truth.

please check out this video, an offer to desteni

an educational video on desteni