Thursday, 4 August 2011

What is AntiDesteni???

This is very simple, clear, and not rocket science by an stretch of the imagination, AntiDesteni is just the continuing criticism of Desteni and it's organisation, we have no rules or community, just a fair number of critics that question the cult of Desteni.

All to often Destonians, the members of the Desteni cult, say we are abusers, haters, or even make out we are illuminati controlled, clearly they are not speaking common-sense, it's a common idea in cult systems to use abuse terms, the cult leader, Bernard Poolman, has even suggested that reptilian sleeper cells are in place to oppose Desteni, I wonder if I qualify as a shape-shifting lizard?  Naturally I don't follow such paranoia, it seems to be the insane ranting of a guru, most lightly just a control to keep followers in the grid, and even if possible I would expect proof of the claims made toward myself or anyone else, it would be at least honest to provide that.

The propagandist of Desteni, Darryl Thomas, seems to find all the time in the world to spread lies on AntiDesteni, even calling us psychotic or Christian extremists, as with Thom Darc, it seems he can't just use the facts but instead seeks to undermine any critics to the new nation of Destonia.

members of AntiDesteni are largely Anonymous, nameless heroes who seek nothing but to allow free speech to continue, this is often a need thanks to Desteni false flags and DMCAs employed as silencing techniques on youtube, their main power-base.