Saturday, 25 March 2017

We seem to be right???

We seem to be right.

On which issues are we right?! On God, yes, well most probably there is no God by the facts that we have and the universe that we understand to a significant degree, meaning the Abrahamic God is philosophically dead. Not to say some kind of maybe is false, but every reason to believe in a god that answers prayers is based on defeated faiths and those who refuse to admit the grievous error in their faith-based claims. On everything else, we can disagree on a vast number of issues, and we share our reasonable doubts about religious/spiritual concepts. Politically we differ, we are intellectually diverse, we are human beings that are unconvinced by the arguments for any deity, and we feel no need to worship the big bang, nor that blackholes listen to our prayers. We are reasonably sure that God is not a factor in our lives, not that we see any reason to act badly to each other either.

At best be accused of the obvious, our lack of wishful thinking, we know we cannot create reality from our desperate hopes, no matter how much we may want to live on forever, we don't escape the void, we return the universe that born us. We don't cease concern over this end, and we do the best we can to come to terms with our finite existence.

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