Sunday, 25 September 2016

Gender Identity Contionued...

]More notes from recent thoughts on this subject, see my early article for more thoughts, and more may follow in the future.]  

You may identify as whatever you wish, this doesn't mean you scientifically are the case, with gender fluid and other variables this identity choice is even more illogical from a factual point of view, however, tolerating such identities isn't a problem. What is a problem is confusion over what gender it at the culture level, and how this social understanding is not compatible with the scientific definition of gender. Knowing that radically different points relate to differing areas of thought and study create different results, the pseudoscience of many social justice activists are massively biased to the fundamental views of culture imposing gender identity, which they take as gender in totality, whereas, the less left voices focus on the scientific view only, such as chromosomes. The fact is there are chromosomal and chemical imbalance reasons for gender characteristics meaning the general conservative view is in error, not that social identity is enough to argue that gender doesn't exist and/or is an imposed cultural view.

The nuanced answer has more to say than SJW claims and the (often) right-wing rhetoric.

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