Friday, 29 January 2016

Skeptic group on facebook - first update/log

I have had some good interaction between skeptics and spirituals as of late, not least friends of the End Of Fear Project, as well as friends from youtube vlogging channels, who have helped add to the discussion, share topics, and broaden the group to over a hundred people.  Thus far, I have only had to kick out one person for posting unrelated material that was a shallow plug for her book, sadlythis is common enough to facebook, and I can only imagine other sites and communities suffer in much the same way.  Despite this minor problem, the group is doing well, and recently a guy with a hindu view of philosophy has been posting many things on brahman and the lotus, the important thing is to note how the beliefs do not work, not use insult, but say why meditation is not the key to perfect or ultimate knowledge, as he claimed a few times.  New Age is heavily influenced by these kinds of ideas, that 'We know nothing, now let me tell you what it means.', or 'knowing is a divine truth, so to not know the divine you must be out beyond knowledge.'  sadly, such thinking is accepted as valid by a kind of cultural relativism that exists in liberal society, this allows pseudo-science to rest next to science, even though one method of inquiry offers results, the other is incapable. 

So, if your interested then visit the group, feel free to add content, comments, but keep it honest, I do not want to only allow vetted people to post, although if you are into preaching, then expect your argument to be owned! 

Skepticism Discussion Group (facebook) - covering new age and skeptic topics and discussion points.

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