Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Buddha Maitreya (Ronald Lloyd Spencer) - Cult Leader?

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  1. If Ronald Lloyd Spencer was the true Buddha he would not be stealing / syphoning off people's sexual energy and light for himself. Only FALSE LIGHT does that because it does not have enough light or energy of its own. He is an energy vampire. I know someone who uses his Shambala Healing Tools and he brought this man to me in lucid state 4 times. Ron / Buddha Maitreya was syphoning off my sexual energy, asking me to direct it up to Metatron's Cube visualised above my head. I never felt good around the tools either. I have already felt the genuine love and bliss of God and it feels NOTHING like what those tools feel like. People who have not felt that blissful connection with God are being duped. The meditations he uses are MIND CONTROLLING and put you into an uncomfortable trance state, to yet again syphone off your energy. He appeals to people who are in ego, like he is, and who are desperate to have found the reincarnated Christ. He is DANGEROUS. He can talk the talk and try to impress with big words and metaphysical concepts - but anyone can do that. My friend has been to the Soul Therapy Centre in Glastonbury where her friend bought a tool and she saw straight away it was false light. NO ONE OF THE LIGHT NEEDS TO STEAL ANOTHER PERSON'S ENERGY. The tools use dark energy / false light. I have been told by many healers and spiritual people that I have so much light in me, which is why I have been targeted as they want to steal it to maintain their own flagging supply.