Sunday, 31 July 2016

Homosexual - response to Teal Swan fans

The kind of nonsense from Teal fans is often the same, they claim I'm something I'm not, they even claim I'm a closet homosexual, when I'm no in any closets, I'm openly bisexual.  Saying that, I suspect a few more dumb comments will be posted by her fans, and yes we know they are her fans, they use their blog account to comment and some have blogs on new age issues. 

Why is it that insecure people use homosexual as an insult or closet homosexual, it isn't like Teal is a gay male, she's a bisexual female with her main love life in heterosexual marriages, she has had a few.  So, even if I was a closet homosexual I cannot she what the logical link would be to criticising Teal, even if I can click baiting these blogs to see what they provide.  That's the lesson they need to learn, I know a lot about Teal and every time you over react I learn more about you too.  You show the fear under the surface, the vile nature of your new age ideas.  How you're only a step away from panic and knee jerk reactions. 

Lastly, I'm not a reptilian nor an agent from the CIA, just in case the very paranoid conspiracy theorists who love Teal like she's candy read this.  They claim I'm an agent.  LOL

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