Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Teal Swan is a fraud?

although I thought she was just a slightly nutty girl with a desire for power and fame, I now see she is far worse, a narcissistic cult leader in the making, with a status of guru, and already a small inner circle of devout followers.  this is best noted in an interview with a form Teal fan and a form Teal devotee, please watch this long interview.  

it's in a series of 5 videos, and is well worth a good look. 

remember that those who say they are goodness and peace, or love and light, are not as they may seem, they often reject the real, the human, the animal self, the things that we are not yet over, our weaknesses, our humanity, and so the fake spirituality and false enlightenment often manifest as domination and deception for personal power, not a greater unity of us all to a better world. 


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